Nov 18, 2009

Random thoughts

1. Lakers won last night, thank god we avoided the three game losing streak. I'm confused though, I thought Kobe was injured. He scored 40? What?

Also, when is Pau coming back?

2. My fantasy team has played three weeks, lost 4-5 each week. One bright spot? I lead the league in points. I kind of knew I would coming in, but I need more balance. Assists, three's, something.

3. When my mind was drifting into fantasy land (haha...) I came up with an idea. This might not be new, but I'm pretty sure I didn't hear about it from somewhere. Can't we have fantasy competitions for things outside of sports? Bear with me. Imagine a fantasy league about the TV show The Office. The stats could be like "minutes on screen", "words spoken", "number of times his/her name was said", etc. Like, Michael would be the Lebron of this league, then I'm not sure, maybe Dwight or Jim or Pam.

The reason my example was a TV show is because sports have the advantage of providing a steady stream of data (weekly NFL games, nearly daily NBA games, etc), and TV shows usually have some sort of schedule. Don't let this limit the possibilities though. What about a tabloid fantasy league? I guess tabloids include Star, Enquirer. You could draft celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan.

This idea is less than half baked. I may come back to this and realize it was enormously stupid. But just in case, COPYRIGHT 2009-2010 bitches.