Aug 30, 2009

New Vantage Point

A change in my life will affect my basketball fandom this year. I've moved to Dallas, and should be here for the next 6 to 9 months. As such, the games I can attend in person will almost exclusively be limited to Mavericks games. This isn't a bad thing; I always have a good time in other arenas.

Being in Dallas also affords me some intriguing opportunities. The proximity to Oklahoma City, Houston, and San Antonio, while not miniscule, is certainly manageable for a weekend trip. And its not like what I had in LA, where I could have traveled north to see Golden State and Sacramento games: these teams can actually be interesting. Just kidding, Houston is going to blow. I've got my jumping shoes ready for when the Kevin Durant bandwagon comes to town.

Aug 1, 2009


We signed Lamar! Great news. Lakers are returning top 4 scorers, top 5 rebounders (or something) from last year, locker room chemistry, potent bench, Artest's friend, yada yada yada. I don't care. I wanted to buy a Lamar jersey and now I can. LO7 baby. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to find a Lamar jersey. Either they didn't make many, or they're all sold out. Obviously it's the latter.

4 year contract worth 33 million. Approximately 8 million a year, with the fourth year as a team option with $2 million buyout clause. Lamar is guaranteed $27 million. Not as good as the initial offers, but still very decent.

Not much to say here. Lakers are the most talented team in the NBA. Period. Let's go win another one boys.