Feb 13, 2011

Another nationally televised game...

another loss. I should seriously stop watching these ABC double headers. Stayed close but trailed Orlando throughout the game. In the fourth quarter the Magic scored at will and the Lakers couldn't. Not much to say. Couple comments:

Where's Gasol been for the past few months? He's supposed to be our second best player, he's bordering on being our second worst player behind Luke. Not a good trend. Let's just hope he's tired and needs the All Star break to get some rest. Oh wait, he's playing in the All Star game. Dammit.

Steve Blake does nothing. He's like the guy in a pick-up game who stands around the 3 point line, usually passes whenever he gets the ball, and takes a handful of jumpers that have a 10% chance of going in. Pretty much useless.

I like how Bynum is playing. Makes a handful of solid moves per game, blocks a few shots, grabs boards. He's very useful when healthy.

Pretty upset the Clippers were the team to break the Cavaliers 26 game losing streak. It prevented the matchup with the Wizards, who hadn't won a road game all season, from being the deciding game where one team's embarrassing run was to end. Of course Washington came into Cleveland today and layed waste to the team that will win a championship before Miami.

And speaking of Miami, Lebron was again unclutch as he missed a crunch time free throw against Boston that could have tied the game. Instead Miami was forced to foul and lost.

Feb 9, 2011


Thought an update on my fantasy life was in order.
1. After last year's regular season, Steven proposed a fantasy playoffs. The object was to pick players from teams in the playoffs, and count the number of points scored by your players. The trick was obviously placing value based on a players expected number of games versus their scoring ability. Was Sasha Vujacic of the Lakers (made it to Finals) more valuable than Derrick Rose of the Bulls (first round exit)?
Well, long story short, I won! $100, in my bank account. This Vegas trip in June can't come soon enough.

2. This year's team has been up and down. I was doing very well earlier in the season, even first place at one point, but I've lost several weeks in a row to drop below .500. Who are my players? Glad you asked:

  • Amar'e - Did you expect anything else?
  • Eric Gordon - One of my favorite anecdotes about him is that he portrayed Michael Jordon's son in the movie Space Jam. Except this story appears to be false. The actor who played Jordan's son was indeed named Eric Gordon, but our man has denied that he is the same person. Regardless, he'll always be my "Baby Jordan".
  • Brandon Jennings - love his game, just an all around baller. He's been hurt for a while, just starting to become productive again.
  • Kevin Martin - solid points, 3's, percentages. Decent to good fantasy player.
  • Brandon Roy - good lord, I grabbed him with my second pick? Not sure if he started 10 games this year.
  • Michael Beasley - sometimes good, usually not.
  • Darko Milicic - a poor man's Andrew Bogut. No wonder he fell all the way to #2 in the draft.
  • Serge Ibaka - occasionally blocks a lot of shots. Pretty pleased with this late pick up.
  • Mo Williams - the Cavs are in the midst of a 26 game losing streak. That is not a typo. Also, I went to the Lakers Cavs game this season, where we beat them by 55 points. Also not a typo.
  • Everyone else on my team is garbage and not worth mentioning.

Feb 7, 2011

I've got my mind on my Lakers and my Lakers on my mind

Wow it's been quite a while since my last update. Turns out the Lakers won the 2010 title against the Celtics, in a game 7 at Staples! Cool story huh? As for this season I haven't watched too many games. A few that I remember: losing to the Heat on Christmas at home, beating the Cavs by about 50 points (I went to this game), and losing to Boston at home. Team hasn't been at its sharpest, hopefully they'll get it together come playoff time.

I'm contemplating merging my personal website with this blog, focusing more on my writing while expanding to other subjects I care about. Perhaps carry over my personal url ( to direct here. Stay tuned.