Dec 14, 2009

Lakers lost?

Yea, we did. To Utah. Didn't get to watch the game, but here's some box score/highlights analysis:

1. They shot very efficiently
2. Kobe shot inefficiently

Nothing more to say. The team lives and dies by Kobe's volume shooting on nights like this. Personally I'd like to see Pau get the most shots, but hey, what do I know.

News from fantasy:
I don't think I've won a week yet. I've lost most of my weeks 4-5, I think I might have tied one week 4-4, and lost 3-6 once. Its really sad. I have good players, a bunch of them are playing well, but they don't provide the breadth of stats that fantasy needs. Pretty sure I'm leading the league in points and turnovers.

I did pick up Iverson. This is how you know my team is bad. Last week (his first full week of play this season), he was second on my team in total assists. Let me write that again. Allen Iverson was the second leading assist man on my team last week. Seven weeks of play, guess what my record in assists is? That's right, 0-7.