Oct 19, 2009

Basketball Fantasy

Actually more like fantasy basketball.

Our league consists of 14 players, most of whom reside in Boston and therefore are my mortal enemies. As fate would have it I got the 10th pick of the draft, which I believe was where Pau Gasol was ranked. He was taken 8 or 9, so whatev, I wasn't hot on him anyway. Here's my team:

1. (10) Amar'e Stoudemire - I didn't think he'd fall to me, but after the locks for 1-7, 8 and 9 took Roy and Pau. Great! I think Amar'e'll have an awesome year. He better...

2. (19) Carmelo Anthony - When I first looked at the preset rankings it shocked me to see Carmelo in the 30's. I know he had a mediocre year last season, but isn't he a top 20 pick? Am I crazy here? I wasn't going to wait and hope for him to fall to me in the third round. I think this pick will pay dividends.

3. (38) Baron Davis - The draft took place somewhere in Boston with a handful of people, while everyone else participated online or audotdrafted. I was at William Pack's house watching the Saints crush the Giants. After the pizza wings potato salad veggie platter bonanza, I plopped down with a laptop and got to drafting. Brian suggested I take Baron, saying he was risky but potentially rewarding. I'm pretty sure all my picks so far have been risky but potentially rewarding, so why change now? As Keppler put it, 15 assists a game just to Blake Griffin.

4. (47) Michael Redd - Can you get a more "risky but potentially rewarding" guy here? One of the better scorers in the league, but he's probably injured as much as Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming combined. Still, I forsee a big year.

5. (66) Andrew Bynum - At this point there weren't too many stellar players left, and Drew seemed a reasonable choice. He's been great all preseason, the team is seemingly pushing for making him an all-star (lots of touches), he's a Laker. I'm all over it.

6. (75) Al Harrington - I honestly don't even know what team he plays for (the Knicks?). I think he can get me around 14 and 7 with a handful of 3's. Why not.

7. (94) Chris Kaman - I think I had him for a bit last year. Emphasis on "a bit". Yeah.

8. (103) Jamal Crawford - He's still a decent scorer, and he's on Atlanta with lots of young guys. I wouldn't be surprised if he scored a decent amount. I would be surprised if he was a decent fantasy player though.

9. (122) Peja Stojakavic - I honestly thought this was the best pick at this point. But looking back, forfeiting the pick might have been better. Peja is pretty bad. That's an understatement. Maybe he'll give me three 3's a game.

10. (131) James Harden - Who? I said the same thing myself. I think he's OKC's lottery pick, brought in to provide some outside shooting and dishing ability. I think. I have no idea if he's even going to play.

11. (150) Antonio McDyess - He's on the Spurs, and used to be on the Pistons, which means he'll probably work hard, get me some garbage put-back points and rebounds. Right? RIGHT??

12. (159) Kelenna Azubuike - These picks don't even matter. Especially this one.

13. (178) Hakim Warrick - What's more realistic: Coby Karl being the next Kobe Bryant, or Hakim Warrick being the next Hakeem Olajuwan? That was my thought process here.

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  1. can you believe a girl is reading about sports. lol :) i can't help it i love it!

    mandie reed