Feb 13, 2011

Another nationally televised game...

another loss. I should seriously stop watching these ABC double headers. Stayed close but trailed Orlando throughout the game. In the fourth quarter the Magic scored at will and the Lakers couldn't. Not much to say. Couple comments:

Where's Gasol been for the past few months? He's supposed to be our second best player, he's bordering on being our second worst player behind Luke. Not a good trend. Let's just hope he's tired and needs the All Star break to get some rest. Oh wait, he's playing in the All Star game. Dammit.

Steve Blake does nothing. He's like the guy in a pick-up game who stands around the 3 point line, usually passes whenever he gets the ball, and takes a handful of jumpers that have a 10% chance of going in. Pretty much useless.

I like how Bynum is playing. Makes a handful of solid moves per game, blocks a few shots, grabs boards. He's very useful when healthy.

Pretty upset the Clippers were the team to break the Cavaliers 26 game losing streak. It prevented the matchup with the Wizards, who hadn't won a road game all season, from being the deciding game where one team's embarrassing run was to end. Of course Washington came into Cleveland today and layed waste to the team that will win a championship before Miami.

And speaking of Miami, Lebron was again unclutch as he missed a crunch time free throw against Boston that could have tied the game. Instead Miami was forced to foul and lost.

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