Jun 29, 2009

An Aside

How about those NBA trades! I love it. I love it when teams try to be competitive. I love it when teams make moves to help them win, not save money while appeasing fans (*cough* Allen Iverson *cough*). I think the Vince Carter to Orlando trade is big. He's not just another big name moving to a new team. He actually has the skill set to thrive in their system. He can absolutely shoot the three. Not only that, he can make moves to the basket, something Rashard can't do.

The more intriguing trade is Shaq to the Cavs, joining LeBron. This isn't so interesting in how it'll help the Cavs, as I don't see them doing much. What this trade did was potentially give us a Shaq vs Kobe finals! Can you imagine the hype? The media frenzy? The epic storyline? Of the current era (after Michael Jordan til present), there is a short list of the best, defining winners. Besides Shaq and Kobe, the only other player on it is Duncan. These two titans going for their fifth rings, to trump the other, would be a battle for the ages. Of course, its no easy task getting to the finals. We can only pray to the gods for such amazing luck that the pathetic Cavaliers can make it. Prayer: where amazing might happen.

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