Jun 3, 2009

Garbage time

One day before the first game of the 2009 NBA Finals! Not only is this an exciting time, but also a time for garbage to rise to the surface. There isn't much to discuss these days about the NBA, so here are some of the stories that are featured on ESPN:

1. Lamar Odom's candy consumption - Funny video, but people have taken it to new extremes of seriousness. Apparently some doctor wrote a long analysis, attributing Lamar's inconsistent play to the highs and lows of blood sugar.

Lamar's been in the NBA for 10 years, been considered a great player throughout. If he felt that his play suffered because of candy, don't you think he would have considered "quitting"? Maybe not in his younger years, but he's grown up a lot. He knows the gravity of the situation, the importance of winning when the chance is there.

Oh, and there's Gary Vitti. He happens to be a full time medical trainer for the team. He might have said something.

2. Mickael Pietrus and his Kobe's - Pietrus wears Kobe's shoes. He decided to switch to Jordan's for the finals, since his opponent happens to be Kobe. Cool. Next?

3. Tony Allen has surgery - Wow, if I wanted to know about the health of the 12 best player on a team not in the playoffs anymore, it would have to be someone remotely interesting. Maybe Zaza Pachoulia (who?). Could he be more of a nobody? Even Celtics fans don't like him.

Should I wear my Horry jersey underneath my work clothes tomorrow? I'm leaning towards absolutely...

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