Jun 12, 2009

Game 4

Another great game. The first time since 1984 that a Finals series has had two overtimes. We didn't play particularly well, but hit the shots when we needed to.

Fisher's great shots are obviously the highlight, but there is another element of the game that deserves some scrutiny. With around 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter, Orlando had the ball and a 3 point lead. An entry pass to Dwight is made under the basket and he is immediately fouled. With two free throws coming up, Dwight can effectively ice it by turning it into a two possession game. All he needed was one free throw. He calmly bricks both free throws, leaving the door open for Fisher to hit the tying 3 pointer.

Forget the Courtney Lee miss at the end of game 2, sending the game to overtime and eventually a Lakers win. He had a tough shot, tough angle, no time on the clock. Dwight, on the other hand, was shooting FREE THROWS to effectively win the game. I know he's only a 60%er, but come on. Shouldn't you be able to hit your percentage, at least hit one of two? What was the point of Patrick Ewing watching him practice free throws if he was going to miss the two biggest of his life? They're called "free" for a reason. Lebron is notorious for being a poor free throw shooter, but he hit some big ones in these playoffs. Dwight needs to step up to the plate if he ever wants to be a great player. I'm pretty sure Shaq's free throw percentage in crunch time hovered around 97%.

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